Reuben Smith Plant Hire

Reuben Smith (Plant Hire) Ltd

Littleburn Road

Littleburn Industrial Estate

Langley Moor




Steven Smith

Plant Manager

0191 378 2611

[email protected]


We offer a full range of contractable services throughout the construction industry including,

but not limited to, site stripping, landscaping, demolition and material recycling.




A full range of services in earth works including site striping, bulk hall and removal of spoil off site. The supply of soil clay and aggregates, large scale landscaping, right down to smaller fetchers. Preparing ground for works and removing old underground obstacles.




From time to time it’s sometimes necessary to strip a site before works can begin. Whether its old unstable ground to a highly contaminated site, we can prepare it ready for construction giving you a clean safe and controlled site to work in.




A field we are no strangers to, demolition is a key part in todays world of regeneration and handling it can be difficult especially given the building materials of the past. With a proven back grand with expanse ranging from small buildings to full factures we will be able to offer the right solution.




Recycling material where possible to keep the cost of your development down is key to the success of any job. Removing an old structure is just the start, sorting the material out into groups then breaking them down so they can be reused on site as part of your development. In fact in most cases some 80% of material can be recycled on site saving you money and reducing the environment impact and lowering site waste to a minimum.


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